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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your ...

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Focus Mitt Training

One of the most powerful methods of teaching proper punching and striking skills in the fastest, most efficient way is mitt training. Because focus mitts are relatively small, they develop on point accuracy. Because they can be moved quickly into different positions, as well as held at different angles, focus mitts are one of the […]

Berks County Kettle Bell Strength Tra...

Berks County Kettle Bell Strength Training

BUILD SERIOUS STRENGTH Berks County Top Strength and Conditioning Program Kettle bell strength training programs are on the rise in the fitness industry. Kettle bell workouts incorporate power and momentum to combined cardio and muscle conditioning resulting in a complete full body workout. Kettle bell has an extremely high metabolic cost when throwing this weight […]

How To Reduce Body Fat

Berks County Fitness Wellness and Nutrition Program

Want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently? Lean Body REP OUT Program to the rescue! This comprehensive fitness program incorporates mixed martial-arts movements and weights that engage multiple muscle groups into one class. It offers the benefit of cardiovascular and strength training in only 30 minutes, which is […]

Crazy Leg Workout

Crazy Leg Burner

Try this Crazy Leg Workout No Equipment Needed Let’s face it, everyone wants that perfect, tight legs & round backside! The perfect butt is most essential to a great physique, especially for women. Everyone seems to want a great butt! So how do you get a butt like the models you see over and over […]

Are You Sick Of Being Sick?


Being sick is not fun, but it’s part of life, but is there really a way to reduce the chances of catching that cold and flu this year? The answer is very simple, exercise. Studies, have proven that exercise does boost the immune system drastically. Regular exercise appears to be able to really give the […]

The micro-nutrient content of vegetab...

Healthy Greens

Exercise and diet do go hand in hand when it comes to creating optimal health. Much of your exercise will be in vain if you neglect your diet. If you are committed to working out, like the Lean Body members are, you need to understand the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and […]


Fitness Workouts

Lean Body Fast Results offers a variety of extensive services in the fitness field. • NUTRITION Diet and nutrition are essential elements of a successful health and fitness program. Here at Lean Body Fast Results, we focus as much emphasis on nutrition and diet as we do on personal training. It’s important to understand the […]


Lean Body Nutrition

Pointers on Losing Weight Safely People who want to lose weight commonly, and first of all, think about reducing the amount of food they eat. This may be quite a solution but not exactly the best there is. In fact, depending on the amount you reduce in your food intake, it may even be dangerous […]